Laser Hair Removal Memberships

We have two different options for every need

  • 4 areas to treat monthly (up to 2 Large) 
  • 2 areas to treat monthly (up to 1 large)

The best value that we offer in laser Hair Removal. With a small monthly payment and the flexibility to treat different areas according to your needs, you can really say good-bye to unwanted hair.

Our memberships have no commitments. You can cancel anytime. No questions asked.

If you travel or simply want to suspend the monthly charge temporarily, you can also freeze.

In addition, you will have benefits such as:

10% OFF any product or service, 15% OFF medical injectables, 15% OFF any series or packages, 20% of select facials and 25% off during your birthday month!

Participate in our monthly raffle to win twice your monthly membership cost!

Winner gets a coupon to apply in any service or series (no products). Coupon expires in 60 days.