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Meet our talented and specialized team

Maria (Tata) Navia – Owner​

Tata Navia was born in Colombia but has been living in South Florida for over 25 years. She studied dentistry in Colombia where she practiced for many years before deciding to pursue another passion: art. Tata completed her Bachelors in Art in South Florida and painted for over 10 years. Her art is exposed internationally in galleries and museums, including The Museum of Latin American Art in California. In 2009, she decided to use her artistry skills in the beauty industry and studied Cosmetology before opening Biovital MedSpa.

Tata is an avid marathon runner, a happy wife, and a mother of three children. She is passionate about customer service, heath & wellness, and helping others feel their best.

Kelly Carmona- Laser Technician, Skincare Specialist

Hi, my name is Kelly. I am a passionate skincare professional licensed in Laser, Electrolysis and  Esthetics to make achieving flawless skin possible.

I have been working at Biovital Med Spa since September 2022, providing clients with optimal skin care treatments and I am also an expert in detecting skin problems, treating acne and performing anti-aging facials.

Carolina Robledo- Laser Technician, Skincare Specialist

I’m Carolina, a responsible and knowledgeable bilingual licensed esthetician, Clinical medical electrologist (CME) and license massage therapist (LMT). I have been working at Biovital since 2011. I am result-driven with more than 22 years in the beauty industry.

I provide excellent services with skills to achieve the desired results for my clients.

Amanda Angulo- Laser Technician, Skincare Specialist

My name is Amanda, I am a licensed esthetician and electrologist with a dual license to perform laser treatments. I have been working at Biovital Med Spa since 2018. My passion for skin care started as a teenager, while trying to support my friends that were going through teenage acne. My heart was set on finding different products and treatments that would help improve their skin. My goal is to assist women and men achieve their maximum potential to great skin. I have experience with all skin types, conditions and I look forward to continuing my education to provide the best skin care treatments for all my clients.

Miriam Nehdar- Laser Technician, Skincare Specialist

I’m Miriam! I have been a licensed esthetician for the past 6 years and a certified medical electrologist for 4 years. I have been working at Biovital MedSpa since 2020.  My goal and motivation is to make my clients feel and look their best.  I like to help them achieve their skincare goals.  I am a lifelong learner that will continue to grow professionally to offer the best treatments to clients.

Saskia De Jesús- Front Desk

My name is Saskia, I have been a part of the front desk staff at Biovital Medical Spa since 2018. My experience in the beauty industry has taught me strong interpersonal and  technical skills necessary to manage my position efficiently and to give the best customer service possible to our clients.

Francis Rodriguez- Spa Manager

My name is Francis and I am the spa manager. I have been working at Biovital MedSpa since 2013. I contribute almost three decades of knowledge and experience in customer service to my role as a manager . My goal everyday is to run an organized, professional and successful spa to achieve the highest rates of customer satisfaction and return clientele.

Dr. Carlos A Almonte- Medical Director

I am a bilingual (Fluent in English and Spanish) family physician with over a decade of experience in the esthetics field, mainly here at BioVital MedSpa. I enjoy providing patients with excellent results in their rejuvenation procedures.
In my spare time I like playing bass guitar and running.