October 21, 2015 BioVital Staff

Why and how VelaShape III gets rid of Cellulite

The VelaShape III treatment uses non-invasive technology to diminish areas of cellulite in the stomach, thighs and hips primarily. Other common treated areas are the outer hip, abdomen, love handles, saddlebags and buttocks. It’s main objective is to reduce the cellulite volume and tighten the skin, as well as reduce circumference in the treated area.

How does VelaShape III Work?

In simple terms the Velashape III does two things simultaneously. The hand-piece that is rolled over your body gives you a massaging effect while a vacuum cupping is activated bringing tissue closer to the energy source. Simultaneously infrared light and radiofrequency energies heat the targeted tissue. The effect of this procedure stimulates the metabolism of the fatty area resulting in a reduced appearance of cellulite and a smoother skin texture.

What Results Can I Expect From VelaShape III?

Velashape III is a fast, safe and comfortable body shaping treatment. Initial results are seen in less than two weeks with best results seen at 10 weeks. A clinical study revealed a 2.5cm decrease of fat in the stomach area after only one session, that equals to one whole dress size.


What does the treatment feel like?

During your treatment you will feel a warming sensation and a slight pulling while the handpiece is rolled over your skin. Some patients compare it to a deep tissue massage.

What to expect afterwards?

It is normal to see and feel some skin tightening right away but the real results will come after a few weeks of treatment to allow for the cellulite fat cells to shrink. The warm sensation will stay for a few hours after the procedure and it is common to see some redness too. This is normal and it will go away a few hours later.

Am I a good candidate for Velashape III?

Any person that wishes to reduce cellulite from the stomach, hips, and thighs can benefit from a Velashape III treatment. Keep in mind that the treatment is a body shaping solution not a weight loss program. It is also a great complement to liposuction since it will deliver a smoother skin in the areas where fat has been removed surgically.

For more information about the technology behind Velashape III please click here.

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