No More Smearing or Smudging your makeup off with permanent makeup

BioVital  permanent makeup is the long lasting solution for you looking and feeling good.

You can wake up and be ready to go no more wasting time in front of a mirror. You will always look beautiful.

BioVital MedSpa Permanent Makeup will safe hours of your day.

Our therapist is a former dentist and fine artist, aesthetics has always been a part of her life.

What makes Tata unique is her stroke technique as well the creation of your own color. With the stroke technique you will have the look of natural eyebrows since it is done hair by hair. Tata will create your own color to match your natural beauty.

With a Permanent Makeup procedure by BioVital MedSpa your life will become easier. You will have a complete transformation to your natural beauty.

  • Always wake up and be ready to go.
  • Less time in front of a mirror and more time for yourself.

Your face is very special and it deserves being in the hands of only the best, wouldn’t you think? Come to BioVital and get what you deserve!

  • Permanent Lip Makeup
  • Permanent Eyebrows
  • Permanent Eyeliner
  • Permanent Makeup Areolas
  • Permanent Makeup Camouflage

Permanent Makeup Pricing

Eyebrows  –  $750
Lip Liner   –  $750
Upper or Lower Eye Liner – $500

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